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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nathan Hall Williams Clinic

You may remember that HCO sponsored a Nathan Hall Williams Center Clinic in March. These are mobile clinic's that my friend, Haley Williams, organizes in conjunction with the efforts of the Ministry of Health to reach the slum communities around Nakuru. Working with the Ministry of Health and having access to drugs at minimal cost, Haley's efforts are multiplied and the clinics are able to reach hundreds of people for a nominal cost. We sponsored another clinic yesterday.

Yesterday's clinic was able to treat over 480 people - for only $200! By taking these mobile clinics into these communities of poverty, it allows these people an opportunity for care that they might not otherwise receive. This team of healthcare workers has this system down to an art! They are incredibly efficient ~ and I have seen many health clinics!

In honor of Julia's third birthday, my parents and I sponsored a NHWC clinic yesterday. In an effort to try to teach her about doing things to help others, I showed her pictures and we talked about how God has blessed her with so many wonderful things, she can share with others and help them. I hope that she will eventually begin to "get it" and understand what a great opportunity she has to share her blessed life with others.
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