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Monday, August 15, 2011

Julia's Pink Zebra Party - a long picture post

My little Juju has been somewhat obsessed with zebras the past few months. We went on safari to the Maasai Mara with Kris & Barry when they came to visit us in Kenya. Zebras abound in the Mara. You can always find zebras, even out of migration season. Yet for some reason, while we were there we saw NO zebras. Each day as we set out on a game drive, we would discuss with the guide what we wanted to find that drive. Julia always wanted to see zebras. Crazy thing is that we have zebras on our road to Nakuru! We can always see zebras. Still, that is all she wanted to see. And it stuck. Always zebras. They are her favorite.

A few weeks before we came to America, I learned that Julia's Kikuyu name, Wambui, means "pretty" and is the name used in the Kikuyu language for zebra. "Wambui morendo" is "pretty stripes," but they generally refer to zebra as "wambui." 
And of course, her favorite color is pink. So....we ended up with a pink zebra party.

 Her "story" was placed around the room. It is such a privilege to share the "Story of God's Grace and Redemption" through Julia's life. 
 What an amazing testimony she will one day have when she understands and accepts God's call on her life. She will understand God's grace in a way very few others can relate to.

Yes, a lot of pink and black, but there was no doubt that this was a party for Julia! Her baby shower, first and second birthdays all wrapped into one super-special time!
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