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Monday, August 29, 2011


This is a re-post from Rebekah's blog, This Little Light of Mine.


loves to wear her flower headband,
uses the play phone to call Trena and Julia and see how they are doing, :-)
likes to play catch,

enjoys wearing my sunglasses,
thinks it is funny to point and show us her nose,

Thanks for sharing, Rebekah! I appreciate all you do!
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Minnie Mouse Birthday!

Yes, more birthday posts. Those days (Friday & Saturday) were actually so busy that I actually did not have time to mess with pictures and post. But we had such a great time at her party and I think it turned out so cute, I just have to share!

 I had so much fun playing and decorating. I ordered all the printables for the water bottle wrappers, Hershey miniature wrappers, cupcake labels, the birthday banner, food labels, etc from Ashley at Cupcake Express on Etsy. She did an amazing job, was super efficient and so very nice to do the personalization. If you are having a party, it is a fun, easy way to cuten it up. Check out Cupcake Express

I had such a fun time with my girl. She is truly a joy and I am thankful for every day with her. This was definitely a birthday to remember!

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Happy Birthday to my 3 Year Old!!

I love traditions. Last year, we started Julia's birthday traditions...a birthday door and following the string for birthday surprises. Her eyes lit up when she saw her door and realized today (Friday) was finally the day.
I think she really did remember following the string to her birthday surprises. She started in her room and went into the den...
(Yes, notice my camera on the floor. It broke - on my baby girl's birthday of all days.)

to the breakfast table and through the kitchen...

then dining room....

through the living room...

the front entry....
and back to the den...
 And she ended the morning by getting to eat breakfast in her bed while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loved it!
I am so glad Julia got to be in America for her birthday this year! Nana got to celebrate her morning birthday fun with her. Such a special time. And it was WAY easier to have and find stuff to make birthday special....balloons, decorations, small little gifts that weren't absolute junk that would break in less than a day. We LOVE birthdays!!!
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nathan Hall Williams Clinic

You may remember that HCO sponsored a Nathan Hall Williams Center Clinic in March. These are mobile clinic's that my friend, Haley Williams, organizes in conjunction with the efforts of the Ministry of Health to reach the slum communities around Nakuru. Working with the Ministry of Health and having access to drugs at minimal cost, Haley's efforts are multiplied and the clinics are able to reach hundreds of people for a nominal cost. We sponsored another clinic yesterday.

Yesterday's clinic was able to treat over 480 people - for only $200! By taking these mobile clinics into these communities of poverty, it allows these people an opportunity for care that they might not otherwise receive. This team of healthcare workers has this system down to an art! They are incredibly efficient ~ and I have seen many health clinics!

In honor of Julia's third birthday, my parents and I sponsored a NHWC clinic yesterday. In an effort to try to teach her about doing things to help others, I showed her pictures and we talked about how God has blessed her with so many wonderful things, she can share with others and help them. I hope that she will eventually begin to "get it" and understand what a great opportunity she has to share her blessed life with others.
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More Birthday Pics

Because there were too many great moments and shots not to share.....
 My beautiful girl :-)
 My weird little girl loved chomping on rock salt while helping Papa make homemade ice cream.

 "Thank you for coming to my party" favors ~ Minnie Miniatures packs
 T-H-R-E-E candles!
 and a hug from my baby :-)

 reading a Tinkerbelle book with cousin Lauren
 her new boo-tiful Cilella carriage (beautiful Cinderella carriage)

...finally. taking a break and enjoying my homemade ice cream after everyone went home. 

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