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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Miss Maggie

In addition to the normal craziness and life with a newborn, the internet has been off and too slow to do anything when it is on. So, I am a bit delayed in properly introducing you to our newest sweeties.
Sweet Maggie came to us last week when we were called by the Children's Department. This precious girl has already lived a tumultuous life. Her mother is a 15 year old girl with mental disabilities who currently lives in a children's home. The mother had been released from the children's home for a period of time, when she went home and was taken advantage of by a close family member. Maggie was living there with her mother until a social worker saw how the baby was not thriving in that environment. When she first arrived, she was very sweet and mellow. She just laid or sat limply wherever she was placed, which is indicative of the environment in which she was living in lack of stimulation and interaction.
(Her body was covered in little sores and bites. They have almost completely cleared up now.)

Maggie is small, but otherwise healthy. In the week that she has been with us, she has come to life! She is now a happy little talker who jabbers and laughs and loves to sing. Each day, Maggie moves a little more, stretching her boundaries to explore her new world.
 Maggie is almost two months older than Delis, but her body is so tiny. Two adorable little girls!

In praying for Maggie, please pray that we and the Children's Department are able to work together to do what is best for this little girl. Whenever possible, we want our babies to be reunited with their families. Sometimes that is not what is best for the children, and placing them for adoption when they have known families is not an easy task. If adoption is in Maggie's future, pray that we are able to begin working towards that process.
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