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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Child - Deli

Precious little Deli. She is one sweet little baby, and quite beautiful.
Deli was diagnosed with Rickets at about two months old, her case being a genetic deficiency. Her head reshaped itself but her legs have been bowed. As she continues vitamin supplement therapy, her bones are straightening and there is very little evidence of the deficiency now. Deli is ten months old now. She crawls all over the place. She likes to pull herself up and bounce, especially in her crib. She likes music, too, and when sitting in a Bumbo chair, her little legs wiggle back and forth as she tries to dance. So cute!
 She is one happy little girl! Joy truly radiates from her little face.
I had posted before that her mother was going to sign over rights for her to be freed for adoption, but that did not happen. When she was made aware that if her daughter were adopted she would have no rights or contact with her in the future, she decided not to sign. In this case, I must say that I was disappointed. The more I learned about the family, the more burdened I was about Deli's future - the more afraid I was for her future.

Over the past few months, the story of Deli's future has changed numerous times. There is a great deal of drama surrounding her and her family. However, her young mother has recently come to visit and is beginning to develop a relationship with Deli. We have spent a great deal of time counseling the mother and reinforcing the importance of building that relationship before taking Deli back into her care. She has married, and the new husband who once said he would never allow the baby into his home, has had a {miraculous} heart change and has agreed to take her home. He has even come to visit and was very comfortable with Deli. He really seemed to enjoy her. Even the aunties were very pleased at their interaction.
I know that God has a plan for each of our babies' lives, but I must admit that I have struggled with knowing what is best for Deli's future. I generally agree that the best place for a baby is with their biological family ~ if that family is capable of caring for and loving the child. I also know that the Kenyan government and the Children's Department will always, hands down, give first preference and rights to the family. With the recent changes in the family situation, many of which I am not at liberty to post publicly, I am beginning to feel more hopeful for Deli's future with her biological family. I can see that her mother truly does love her.

Please pray with me that God would go before Deli and prepare her family to take her back into their home. Pray for her to be cared for, protected, and loved unconditionally.
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