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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letters to Julia - We pulled it off!

Dear Julia,

What a little secret-keeper you are! We counted down the days and kept our visit to America a secret from Nana & Papa! You were so careful to not tell them we talked. What a big girl.
You were such a big girl on the flights, too. It showed me just how much you have grown up since we first came to America almost a year ago. 

Nana &  Papa are so happy to see you, little girl. Right now, you are sitting on Nana's lap, playing a sight words game on her iPad. Last night, well yesterday evening, you fell asleep in Papa's lap in the restaurant before the waiter even came to take our order! You were so comfortable in his arms that you didn't even want to go to Nana. I think you are as happy to see them as they are to see you.
This was a fun surprise, and we are going to have a fun two weeks in America! I love you, baby girl!


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lianadiaz said...

I wish I could of seen u and Julia I miss u 2 so much

lianadiaz said...

This is Sara using my little sisters google account . You know the 11 year old who babysitted Julia with the other Diaz 's . I wish we could see you . Hopefully we can and setup a time !

Alaine said...

God gives us such joyous times of celebration - and surprises like this one are some of the best. May His blessings surround your time back here in America!

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