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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Eli

As I was playing with Eli today, I had the thought that I wished everyone could know and see this sweet little boy.  Then, I realized that there have not been many posts about him.  He's just that sweet little guy that kind of stays below the radar.

Elijah is a true sweetie! When he first came to us, he was quite the crier. He cried a lot. Day. Night. Softly. Loudly. He rarely smiled. It took awhile for this little guy to warm up to his new home.  Yet, the whole time, there was something about him. That something that just makes you look into his beautiful face and have a sweet sense of peace.  That's Eli.

Eli was abandoned, though we do not know at what age. We do know that a lady had found him and was pretending he was her own. Exploiting him. Using him to beg for money. She was homeless and people around her knew she had not given birth to him. They turned her in and Eli was taken by Children Services. 

Eli has started crawling and is now moving all over the place. He has a smile that is priceless.  He loves his Auntie Linet and will instantly light up when she talks to him.  

We are happy to have him in our home now. I believe he is happy to be here, too.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Favorite

My friend, Kate, gave me the most awesome gift.  A baby wrap.  Of course I have seen people wearing them, but I had no idea how comfortable and versatile they are! 

I have tried a number of different baby carriers, and I have to say I am totally a baby wrap mommy now!  I love this thing!  It can work from newborn to big toddler.  In the past week I have carried Baby David and big Tracy with the same wrap.  

Julia LOVES it! I usually wear her on the back if she is awake, but I use it many times on the front if she is sleeping or I want her to sleep, especially getting her out of the car and going in to the market when she is sleeping.  And it doesn't hurt!  I carried Julia for two hours yesterday and never got tired.  (And if you know me, that's pretty darn good.)

I have this one that Kate gave me, but my girls have now been introduced to it and try to steal it for them to use with the babies.  I am glad they like it, but I am not ready to part with it. If you have ever thought of sending a care package to us, 2.5 yards of jersey knit would be an awesome gift! ;-)

Thanks, Kate, for my new favorite thing! I love it!

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