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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ministry Team Clinic at Heshima

Last week we were blessed to have a medical mission team come to Heshima and offer a free clinic to our children.

Leon did not seem to mind the examination at all!

The team included a medical missionary doctor, a retired pediatrician, and two medical students. They spent the day giving all our children a basic, overall checkup. Since all the children have some sort of medical issue, it is good for us to now have a baseline for each of them. Most of the parents do not have any sort of official medical reports or documentation regarding their child's medical history.

Mark, on the other hand, was NOT amused. As usual, he needed Julius to help calm him.

Some of the parents got a check-up as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heshima Update

Heshima has started the year with expansion!! This is the center for children with special needs. We have added space and added children!

Tracey, the founder of Heshima, rented the space next door in January. We knew a few months ago that the Lord would open that space up for us, and He did! Then we just had to wait for Tracey to get the funds to be able to commit to additional rent. Again, God provided. So, we had a wall knocked out and opened up a whole other side to Heshima.

One of my favorite parts of teaching kindergarten and preschool special needs was setting up the classroom! I love it! I got to do that fun part at Heshima. I set it up very much like our zone teaching area in PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities). It was especially helpful for our children with autism. We don't have any with autism at Heshima yet, but it is still providing to be a great system for the little guys we do have.

Here are a few pics from our Valentine's Day party. They LOVED it! Such a special treat for these special kids!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back Online

It's been a very long time since I updated. As usual, things have been really busy and I guess updating the blog got pushed to the bottom of the list. I will try to do better. You can read more about it all on my new REAL website! www.HisCherishedOnes.org

There is so much to tell about what God has been doing here! Today, I'll start with Haven on the Hill. These boys are still as precious as ever!

John is a sweetheart. He does such a great job as the older brother of the home. He likes math and science and does very well in those subjects at school. He likes to examine things and see how they work.

Kevin - the boy with the amazing smile! He has come completely out of his shell. There is no more shy kid here....100% BOY! He likes to play rough and love football (soccer). He speaks great English, too!

Joshua is doing so much better. He is the one who had the hardest time adjusting to his life changes a few months ago. Now he is the little laughing boy! He pretends to be shy and serious, but once he is comfortable, he loves to laugh and joke.

Godfrey - I love this little boy! We have a special bond. He is a very smart little guy. He knows more English than the older Joshua and John and even acts as their interpreter. Although he loves Auntie Trena, he often won't talk to me for the first few minutes after I arrive if it has been too long since I've been there.
Baby James
is growing like crazy! Since he has learned to walk his legs are beginning to straighten. And he is starting to talk a lot, too. So cute. I love to hear him say, "An-Tena" (Auntie Trena), which is usually followed by a very bossy, "Kuja hapa!" (Come here!)

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